Because only a dog with a pedigree certificate is truly a Weimaraner with an ancestry confirmed to the fourth generation. A pedigree certificate is documentation of your dog’s health, appearance and temperament.

No pedigree certificate can give you a 100 % guarantee of anything and a defect of some kind may, understandably, occur even in a puppy from excellent parents. This risk is, however, considerably higher when you buy a puppy without a pedigree certificate. The breeders’ club tries to ensure the reproduction of the most healthy population possible, for which reason dogs with medical problems (missing teeth, cryptorchidism, ectropion, entropion, skeletal defects, etc.) or temperament problems (timidity, aggressiveness) are withdrawn from breeding. In managed breeding (such as the breeding of Weimaraners in the Czech Republic), a breeding consultant also puts together suitable parents with the smallest possible risk of transmission of hereditary defects. If you buy a puppy without a pedigree certificate, it may come from a bitch (or even worse, from both parents) that has been withdrawn from breeding on health grounds or due to a defect relating to appearance or temperament.


The most frequent “reasons” why a puppy doesn’t have a pedigree certificate

1. “The puppy is “pure-bred”, both parents have pedigree certificates, but we didn’t want to show it at dog shows.”

2. “This puppy is one of the last in its litter (the fifth, sixth, seventh in the litter), for which reason is did not get a pedigree certificate.” Such claims are untrue!!! This stipulation for the number of puppies in a litter applied in one period of rigid socialism in this country and served to reduce the number of puppies in large litters. Such puppies had to be put down as soon as they were born and could not be legally sold at that time. This senseless decree has long since been abolished and there is no longer any restriction to the number of puppies in a litter. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most popular excuses used by sellers, and unfortunately people still very often believe it.

3. “We wanted to let our bitch have puppies once so she wouldn’t have problems with her health (this is an extremely strongly entrenched myth, but more about this some other time), but that doesn’t mean we’re going to start attending dog shows!”

4. “Its mother and father both have “papers”, but unfortunately they bred before we managed to get them accredited.”

5. “The puppy doesn’t have its “papers” yet, but this can be sorted out later.” Such a claim is a lie. It is, theoretically, possible to register a dog for breeding and have it recorded in an interim register, but this is extremely complicated and is permitted only for breeds threatened with extinction. There are no such breeds in this country.


On the other hand, you may also come across dishonourable people from well-known breeding kennels who sell puppies at full price which clearly will not be suitable for showing or breeding. In contrast, there are also owners who care for bitches with puppies “without papers” more than they do for their own children and chose their future owners with enormous care. These are the exceptions that prove the rule…

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