Welcome to the pages of the internationally protected breeding kennels Ilfirino Aire which specialise in breeding Weimaraner dogs. This amazing breed became part of my life in 2013, and I met a wonderful man who is now my husband thanks to my first bitch.



Just how did it all begin?

I acquired my first bitch in the summer of 2013, and when I was thinking about what breed she should be, the Weimaraner was the clear choice. I had always liked this breed very much and I – probably like many others – simply wanted one of these beautiful grey dogs, and preferably right away. I went through a number of classified ads and contacted a few breeding kennels, but most of the breeders weren’t interested in selling me a puppy because I didn’t have any experience with hunting dogs and hadn’t even thought about training for hunting dogs. The various abbreviations in the classified ads meant absolutely nothing to me.


I finally found the bitch I longed for in Brandýs nad Labem. I chose one of the beautiful grey balls of fluff from the photograph sent to my e-mail address and the breeder even let me choose a name. D-Day finally came and I took my Arwen Moon Blaze home with me. I took her everywhere with me from the beginning. They were beautiful puppy days. Since she was little, my little grey has loved riding in the car and loves sailing on a boat with me. In short, she is happy wherever she is with me. When she was just six months old, I took her on a sailing trip from Croatia to Italy. She handled it with no problem and fell in love with the sea and the water in general. It was at about that time that I began thinking that I should start giving her at least a bit of obedience training because, to be honest, she wasn’t even the least bit obedient. I bought some specialist literature and some dog treats and we began training. The result was that my little grey dog ate lots of treats, but we didn’t even manage “sit” properly. I began taking more of an interest in hunting dog training, and one of the things I discovered was that there are certain conditions for “registration” – until that time I had lived in complete ignorance – to put it simply, I thought that puppies from bitches with a pedigree certificate automatically and unconditionally had a pedigree certificate themselves. I should mention here that one of the reasons I had bought a bitch was that I looked forward to her having puppies one day. Suddenly, I realised that I had been wrong. I began an intensive search for someone who could help me with hunting training so that my bitch could pass her performance test, known as the “autumn exam”, and meet one of the conditions of registration. After a relatively long search I found what I was looking for, and in January 2014 set off for first training. To be honest, it was a disaster because my grey was not obedient in the slightest and in the presence of another dog it was practically impossible to call her to me. I began training my bitch under expert guidance using the carrot-and-stick method, focusing on obedience, field work, retrieving, work in the water and forest work. We both began to enjoy it enormously, even if there were a great many moments when I thought it was completely hopeless and told myself we had no chance of passing any tests. And how did all our efforts turn out? From May to October 2014, I passed around 10 performance tests with my dog – aptitude tests, autumn tests, tests in water work and forest tests, and even achieved our greatest goal in the form of all-round tests which she was the youngest participant to pass. When I received our medal for our all-round tests, I have to say that I found it all so emotional that I couldn’t help shedding a few tears.


P.S.: At the beginning of 2015, I brought another Weimaraner bitch – Mimmi Dianas Argentum – home from Croatia. They both live outside in a kennel together without the slightest problem. We spend all our free time in the fields, by the water or in the forest, or sometimes, as a treat, on a boat J I can’t imagine my life now without them and everything that goes with them.


I have fallen in love with this breed and wouldn’t change for anything. In my opinion, they have to be given what they need and what they were made for – enough exercise, and not just when it is nice and sunny outside – and allowed the chance of working as hunting dogs!


Published as an article in the magazine Svět Psů (World of Dogs) 6/2015

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